Communication tool for Apartment
Managers to reach their Tenants.


Communication tool for
Apartment Managers to
reach their Tenants.


Resident Connect allows multi residential property managers to deliver timely messages to its tenants without hand-delivering notices, bills etc to each unit. Property owners save both time and money by switching to RConnect.


To improve communication between tenants and property managers at multi-unit apartment complexes.


The idea was to have a paperless system for notices without relying on emails- due to time-sensitivity and deliverability issues.

Research Synthesis

Stakeholder Interview

We started off conducting contextual interviews with my own apartment manager and than met a few from surrounding properties. Eventually, we were able to interview 5 property managers in Ventura, CA.

Research Takeways

Extra cost: Printing of hundreds of pages and then putting them in envelopes and marking them individually is a time-consuming process. In a mid-sized property of 100 units, a 2 page notice can take significant time of the management.
Manual Labor: Sticking Notices at hundreds of apartment doors is a time-consuming task that could take upto hours and a lot of assortment if they are individually marked for each unit.
Damaged Doors: Adhesive from the Notices damages door paint.
Management not on site: Makes it even harder to send the notices to the tenants if it is a smaller apt complex with no maintenance staff or manager on property.
No way for the property manager to know that if the tenant actually received the notice and has taken the required action on time.
After our initial meeting with the property managers we wanted to hear from the tenants and hear what they how they felt about the existing system.

Tenant Pain Points

Not everyone in the household gets to see it.
Sometimes Tenants are not given enough time to prepare due to short notices.
Tenant stayed away from home the whole day, never get to see the notice.
Removing the notices often leaves marks on their doors.

Creating Personas

From our stakeholder interviews, we were able to create personas — fictional users that encapsulate the needs, behaviors, and goals of distinct groups of property managers and tenants. I focused on understanding the needs of our primary personas Susan Benett and John Saunders(poperty managers),which dictated the product requirements for the design.


Initial idea of what the problem is and what the possible solution might be

Product Requirements

Parerless - delivery notices electronicall
No email - Emails are not reliable for conveying time-constrained messages
Low cost - Solution should not be more ecpensive than the existing paper based method of delivering notices


Low-Fidelity Mockups



Text based notification alerting the tenant of a water shutdown. Manager of the property can setup and inform 100s of tenants in less then 5 minutes, all while saving money on printing and labor cost.